We're on a mission to make advanced data analysis accessible for everyone.

Currently we accomplish this through our Slack Bot that delivers scheduled reports and smart alerts for specific sets of metrics and answers “plain english” questions in real time.

In the long run we aim to be the go-to service for getting the most from your data with the least effort, helping businesses to automate actions based on data.  Think auto-adjusting ad spend, placement, etc.

The big problem we aim to solve is that humans don’t relate to numbers and statistics easily.  

We want to provide an intelligent and intuitive interface between people and data. 

We want to do for data what GUIs did for TUIs (think Mac & Windows vs DOS).  
Just not 100% graphics based...


Elevator Pitch

Glance is a virtual data assistant - making it easier for everyone to use data by bringing it together in one place.

Always at your service, Glance brings you scheduled reports and smart notifications when something unusual happens. Glance can even answer questions about your data in plain english!  

Glance is a great use case for chat and voice interfaces, bringing the power of advanced data analysis into your everyday workflow through services like Slack, Skype & Amazon Echo. 

Simply put, Glance brings you more value from your data with less time and effort.


Technically speaking

Basically, we're building a data aggregation platform that pulls data from many sources via APIs and stores this data as time series so we can visualize it in graphs, set alerts & scheduled reports, and perform statistical analysis - normalization, anomaly detection, correlation analysis, etc.

The primary place where users engage right now is our Slack bot & Slack notifications/smart alerts, but we also have a web app where you can visualize data and setup your connections, reports, alerts, etc.


Current technologies used

Data API integrations


Who we're looking for

  • Someone with a passion for making data analysis useful to "normal people”.

  • An understanding and appreciation for data heavy development.

  • Experience with integrating data from major social media and advertising APIs.

  • Experience and/or strong interest in developing for chat/bot/voice interfaces.

  • Data science, ML/AI, or chat UI/NLP skills are a plus.


Is this you?  

Email hello@glance.se.